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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Days: Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Aw, E.J. and Stefano arm holding father/son bonding moment.

E.J. asks if "this" is all over between them. Stefano says, "You're my son, I'll always love you. Of course it's over." He has one final condition.
E.J. seems perturbed that Stefano's silence about Sydney comes at a price.

Chloe is not comfortable with Carly there. Carly isn't really comfortable either. Daniel is kind of oblivious to the tension.

Mel offered Stephanie "a peso for your thoughts." Dude, that's low!

Stefano tells E.J. that he was never very good at playing dumb. Really?

Oh! E.J. doesn't want to take the kids away from Sami and bring them to the house. Now Stefano is not so pleased. Hehehehehehehehehe.

Adrienne is killing me with the tears and the "I need you"

Okay, Mel is taking on Carly's speech patterns and tones now. This scene with Stephanie reminds me of Carly and Hope.

Chloe didn't trust that Daniel was moving a blanket?
Now she wants to make closet space and bond with Carly?
Carly looked like she wanted Daniel to save her from Chloe.
Oh! Chloe was trying to not let Daniel see the baby clothes that she had hidden.

Ha! Stefano: "Are we clear?"
E.J. ::sigh:;
Aw, tiny baseball outfit!!!
Carly is not loving this. Can't think anything but that the only reason the's doing it is because Bo wants her to, and she doesn't want him to worry.Me: Hehehehehehehe. Excellent!

Daniel you better make Chloe feel better. Don't bring up the shrink again or you'll get a
Hmm? Chad overheard Adrienne and Philip and Roman talking about Justin's attacker and he went straight to his mother.
I'm not comfortable with to prospect of having to like Chad.

Seeeee Sami, this is what happens when you let other people take care of important aspects of your own life.

Daniel just called Chloe out about hiding the fact that she doesn't want Carly around, from him.
And she finally voiced her concerns about Carly having given him a child when she can't.
Nice scene!

Can Mel smack Stephanie now?

Dude! Judge Woods went straight to Roman with the attacker information.
I think I love her!

Ha! E.J. has got some guts man. He just told Sami that he thinks that Stefano should be allowed to see Giani and Sydney.
Run, E.J. Run!

Daniel: "We work together, that's it." well Dr D, right now you're kind of living in the same house too.

Aw, Adrienne just apologized to Carly!!!!!
And she said, "I really miss our friendship."
Adrienne is staying at Patch and Kayla's apt. and said that if Carly needs anything at all....
Then Carly said, actually there is.
Are she and Adrienne going to be roomies until Bo gets back?

Sami: "So obviously something's wrong with you." Haha!

I think it's cute how Nathan is talking to Carly like Mel grew up with her as a mother.
Carly doubts that he's moved on.

Mel is soooo annoyed with Stephanie!
She's talking down to her like a child. It's killing me she's being so 'hands-off' just like her mom.

Sami asks E.J. if this is some kind of British humour.
No Sami, this is your life. You should listen to Will.

I love the sheets on Daniel and Chloe's bed!
Aw, yay. Carly and Adrienne will be roomies!

Mel confronted Steph about reading the letter and not giving it to Nathan.
Mel gets a "smack down" look.

Aw, Stefano is cute!
Kate: "You and E.J. mended fences?"
Stefano: "That's one way to put it."
Kate just told Stefano that she ran into "Madeline Peterson Woods" today.

Sami called E.J.'s behavior Jeckyl and Hyde. Heehee.

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