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Monday, April 12, 2010

Days: Monday, April 12, 2010

Chloe and Nicole are gonna have a 'girl talk'.
Dude, Chloe, Carly didn't 'get back at you.'

Hope's remembering seeing Bo and Carly kiss. Carly has brought something for Ciara and the butler asked why she doesn't want to give it to her herself. Carly: "I want to get out of here before the ax falls...."
Hope: "The ax being me."
Me: "Well, yeah. I mean you've made her feel so welcome by telling her to stay away from your daughter."

Stefano wants E.J. to tell Sami everything.
Arianna wants to leave the mansion now so that she doesn't have to sneak past Henderson in the morning.

Nicole in reference to Carly "That woman can handle the Notre Dame offensive line."
Yes, Carly is awesome. Glad you see the light. :D

ami called the Dimera mansion 'The House of Frankenstein'.
And, and and and ..... Stefano thought it was funny too.
Okay, he was being sarcastic, but it was still funny.

Adrienne is working the bar! She is awesome, when she's not being a little rude to Carly.

Yes, Chloe she does have a claim on him, she knew him first.
Is Nicole being like the 'underhanded' Fairy Godmother?

Okay, I'm loving this Hope and Carly scene. Lots of dialog, and Carly is making Hope look like a whiny fool.

Nicole: I like Salem, its where I belong
Chloe: Bologna
Nicole: What?
Chloe: And your bologna has a first name.."B.R.A.D.Y!

Go Chloe!

Ah, Adrienne challenges Justin to a game of pool. Sweet! :)

Hope, don't talk down to Carly.

Carly is being so sympathetic and careful in how she's dealing with Hope. "What about Patrick?" Heeheeheehee.

Yeah, I'm sure that Hope is worried that Carly is going to hurt Bo. Yeah. That's it.

E.J. gets your grubby little paws off of Sami!

Really, Sami just leaves without listening to Stefano?
Where is Sydney when you need her?

Justin says he used to let Adrienne win. She thinks he's kidding.

Adrienne: "What you threw the game so you could nail me later?"

Arianna just walked in on Chloe and Nicole's little pow-wow

I love that Brady is calling Sami on her E.J. dependency.

::sigh:: I used to love Hope. I don't know if she changed or I did, or maybe both, but I don't think our relationship is working anymore. lol

Adrienne took Justin's 'letting her win at pool' way back then to mean that their entire relationship has been founded on distrust.

Carly to Hope: "Can we not do the martyr thing anymore? Please?" Yes, please! Pretty pleeeeeaassssee!!!!!!!!!!!

Arianna: "So you wanna duke it out over Brady."
Nicole: "May the best woman win." holding her hand out to Arianna to shake it. Arianna ignoring the extended hand.
She has the check from Brady for Nicole. She's delivering it to Nicole. Unified front from Brady and Arianna. way to go!
Brady tells Samie that she'll never sever the bond that E.J. and Stefano have.
Nope, no need to either Sami. E.J. did that on his own.

Stefano just got a huge smile and after recounting E.J.'s scheme says, "I couldn't have done it better." Whaaaaa?!?!?!
I don't get Stefano in this scene. Is he proud of E.J.?
I'm so confused. Why is he not torturing him?
A hug and a 'gesture of respect'?

Um, should E.J. be worried about sleeping with the fishies anytime soon? I want him quaking in his cement boots!

Chloe walks in the door to find Carly on the couch.
Carly: "Listen I just want to tell you that I'm gonna do the best that I can to stay out of your way."

Adrienne closing up the bar and hears a rumble outside.
Justin is down. I repeat, Justin is down.
Adrienne is very upset.

Brady and Sami
Sami: "We made a promise to God." (When Sydney was gone.)
So, she's being nice to E.J. to payback God? Poor misguided Sami.

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