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Friday, April 9, 2010

Days: Friday, April 9, 2010

I think Chloe is going to completely fliiiiip when she finds out.
Plus with Viv showing up again then Daniel and Bo will be even more insistent that Carly stay with them. Good times! Hehehehehehehe.

Aw, jealous Chloe is a stern Chloe.
Carly looks not so sure about the bunking up.

Apparently Mel is feeling the Chloe tension too. Hmm?

Stephanie is wearing a purple shirt.
Sami has purple trim on her shirt. Awww, Otalia. ::sniff::

Stefano says that perhaps the DVD confession from Anna and the voicemail that E.J. left for her are not enough to convict him for kidnapping, but are enough for Sami to get custody.

More Kate and Will bonding.

Yeah, Sami. Your cop daddy is going to be a little bit perturbed that you lied to a cop during and about an investigation.
Roman's pointing out that E.J. is a factor yet again. Woo!

DiMeras are stand-off dancing again. Anybody else getting dizzy?

Ooooo E.J. just threatened Stefano! "I won't have to if you're dead."

Ms Woods is laying it on thick with Gaby isn't she?

Oh, Will is fishing for information from Kate. Love it!

That's right Roman, remind Sami of the stupidity and evilness that is E.J.
(I did not know that he served her with divorce papers at Grace's funeral)

Sami thinks that E.J. accepts her for who she is.

Kate and Will are oddly on a sort of common ground being in the orbit of DiMeras and yet not knowing what all is going on.

Territorial Nathan is not an attractive Nathan.

Mel has got Chloe figured out with the 'family' thing.
Protective Daniel is an awesome Daniel.
Carly needs to stop apologizing!
Daniel is Bo's understudy!
Carly just gave Vivian the death glare! Awesome! "It's time to go Vivian. Now!"
Crystal is amazingly talented.....

Roman's right. Dimeras don't ever forgive, so whyyyyy does Sami believe that E.J. is all okay with her keeping his children from him?

Stefano is not going to let this go E.J. even with threats. He'll let himself go down before he lets you off the hook.

E.J. "You are no longer my father." Really? Just now? For some reason I thought that he had already been denounced. Hhmmm?

Commercial sidenote: Did that Kraft commercial just dis Switzerland?
"ours doesn't have a lot of holes in it."
Apparently to eat Kraft American Cheese slices is patriotic. Hmmm?

Daniel thinks that I great alternative to having Carly stay with him and Chloe is for them to stay at Bo's or for him to stay at Bo's with Carly. Oh, Daniel.

Philip sent Vivian off!
Mel wants to come back to the nursing program and Carly is super excited she even hugs Mel and Mel is a little tense at first. But Carly was all excited

Tension between Madelin Woods and Kate. ha! Awesome!
Did Kate dump her in college?

E.J. wishes he could go back to when he was a child (not a far trip E.J.) and he didn't know that he was Stefano's child.

No Daniel. Chloe does not want you to move into Bo's house. With or without her. Silly boy.
Daniel is being all reassuring to Chloe now.
Uh, Chloe if Daniel is still recovering, then having another doc in the house it a good thing.

Philip is going to make Mel a 'roving reporter'?

Will is wearing a purple shirt too. Just sayin' it's Otalia day in Salem!

Mel just turned down the reporter job. Heehee.

Gaby has charmed Ms Woods.
And more tension between she and Kate.
Oh, yeah. I soooooooooooo want to know what went on now!

Okay, if Will were my kid he'd be in so much trouble, but since he's Sami's kid. I think he's completely right!

E.J. has a letter opener? Look out Stefano!

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