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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Days: Thursday, April 8, 2010

Carly: "You're thinking like a boy. I'm gonna help you think like a girl." Heehee.

Hope is trying to 'handle' Rafe. ... I'm just sayin'. ...

Stefano and E.J. are .... weird.

E.J. tells Stefano that he isn't going to tell anyone because Stefano doesn't want to look like an (idiot). I can't remember the exact word sorry.
I think maybe the chess pieces were laced with PCP or some other hallucinogen 'cause the boys are a little bit Jack Nicholson from "The Shining" here. I'm waiting for Giani to come into the room and crook his finger and say, "redrum"

Daniel: "A surprise that knocks on the door?" Heehee. Aw, Mel and Philip are there to have brunch with Daniel and Chloe. I'm guessing Carly shows up in the middle.

I think it's funny how Carly is trying to get out of staying with Daniel and Chloe.

Maggie doesn't look like she's going to have "best wishes" for Carly.

Sami is very passionate about Rafe's defense. It's sweet.

Okay, now we're talkin'!
Stefano: "Yes, I can make you pay for what you've done, and then face the consequences."
Yes please!!!!!!!

Abe is really, really getting on my nerves. Where is Celeste? She needs to come back to town and mess with Lexi's world and distract Abe from police business.

Maggie finds out about Kimberly from Carly.
Maggie is being civil. That's nice.
Carly tells Maggie that Bo is worried about Vivian.
Maggie thinks that's a smart idea.
Carly says he wants her to stay with Daniel.
Maggie goes

Hope is very conversational in her interrogation.
"You know what I think?" "I think you're hiding something from me. That's what I think." I think Hope is looking at Rafe a little differently now. Heehee. :)

E.J. just threatened Stefano with a padded room and drooling in a corner.

Awww, Daniel got called in and Mel's going too. It's "Take Your Daughter to Work Day"! Woohoo! :)

E.J. said 'Rafe' and 'diabetes' in the same sentence. I got confused for a second there. lol Ah, Otalia! :)

E.J. is ............ surprised? shocked? um, Whaaa?!?! at Stefano's claim to have proof of what he did.

Philip and Chloe left alone. Heehee. Aw, he's offering Chloe a job!
Philip: "I'll put in your contract. No one can have you killed."

Sami: "Rafe was with me last night."
Hope looks a tad jealous, but is playing it as doubtful.
Rafe: "I have no idea what she was doing last night. We're on a break." lmao

Ooooooooooooooooo Stefano has Anna on a video recorded confession.
Totally busted E.J.!

Aawww, family surgery.
It is very convenient that Shawn is taller than Crystal enough so he can stand directly behind her and still see the table.
Mel is soooo going to want her parents together.

E.J. has developed a stutter. // Nervous there junior?

Heehee. Stefano is now about to call Sami. lol It's like the Dimera version of "I'm going to call your mother!"

Hope and Maggie.
Hope is going to learn that Bo is out of town from Maggie because he couldn't find her before he left! She's not going to like that!

Daniel forgot his meds. Chloe and Philip are going to take them to the hospital. I'm guessing they'll witness 'family time'
Mel: "You did a good job."
Daniel: "No, your mother did..." Aaawww

Stefano wants E.J. to "tell the truth" to keep him from spilling the beans about Sydeny's kidnapping to Sami.
Soooooo tell the truth about what?

See Hope, he tried to contact you.

Oh, not only happy family, but Chloe saw Daniel's hand on Carly's knee. Ooops!

Aw, Chad didn't tell mommy that Gabby dumped him.
Rafe and Sami have talked. They have decided that they are still not together.
Oh, Stefano meant to tell the truth to him, not to the town. E.J. does.

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