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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Venice: More comments and responses

Sorry, I know I'm behind on 'Days' blogging, but I wanted to share these thoughts with some people that I know would appreciate them, but won't see them where they were originally posted.
In response to the 1st part of the interview with Kim and Crystal http://www.ausxip.com/video/archives/1314 and some viewers discontent with what they percieved the interview accomplishing.

Some people enjoy the writing and don't think it needs fixed. However story arcs are part of the the writing, and they addressed that as something that was going to be different now that the introduction of characters was over. I've said for a while that I've seen the first season of Venice as the first 20 minutes of a movie. It's the introduction, the exposition the 'foundation' and the jumping off point. In the interview it sounded to me like that's how they saw it too. Since it isn't a feature film, then yes a lot of the comments regarding 'arc' and 'pacing' are due to format differences.
In response to a mis-understanding to my previous post.

I was referring to 'feature film' format, not length. Being a soap opera style I don't believe that it would have been their intention to encapsulate all of Venice into a feature film length, they are building a basis for a story that would hopefully continue on for a while that's why it's 'like' the first 20 minutes of a feature film, not it is the first 20 minutes of a feature film. I feel that the first season of Venice was to serve the same purpose as the first 20 minutes, I wasn't meaning that they wrote a 90-180 minute feature film and chopped it into web-seized pieces.It's a big broad scope, not your average web or other series, it's what makes it unique and original and not like everything else that I just can't get into because I get bored with it after the first 3 minutes.I'm not sure how else to explain it aside from hooking up a fire wire from my brain to the PC so peeps can see what I mean. It's a good solid idea, it's just not formulaic or a copycat. Hopefully as we go (since they are staying true to their original vision Thank Goodness!) it will become more clear.

In response to statements that the team behind Venice was not receptive to criticism etc.
I didn't get a sense that the weren't receptive to constructive criticism. I got a sense that they knew what they wanted it to be, that they knew where they fell short in that goal, and that they listened to and read criticisms and compliments alike. I did get a sense that they've read and listened to criticism that is in no way helpful, constructive or 'in the best interest for the success of Venice' and probably won't go to a lot of effort to make sure that each of those 'criticisms' are addressed. I'm also sure that they aren't looking at every, "The show is absolutely amazing, I LOVE YOU!!!!" as a signal to keep everything the same. I think that just because a certain criticism or critique may not be implemented (which we don't know yet) does not mean that
they aren't receptive, it just might not fit into the master plan/original vision of the work. As a person who enjoys and understands the show and the writing, and who does not give fawning praise to anyone. I'm glad that they let people know that they saw some issues and will be addresses them, and I'm am very very glad to hear that they are sure of their original idea. I like their original idea. Good for them.The writing does not need a major overhaul, there is no fatal flaw. There is room for improvement, they saw that. I knew they would. They are smart people. You always see things that you would have done differently once the cast is released, or the final edit is cut. Some things you can change then, some things you have to let go and change next time. It doesn't mean that you aren't aware that they're there. I was relieved and reassured when they spoke about knowing things could be improved, because so many of the comments that they've gotten use wording that insinuates that they aren't or wouldn't be aware of things.I'm glad that what I gathered from the interview didn't sound like they were going to change Venice into something that I
wouldn't recognize or enjoy.

In response to comments about need to relegate some characters to the periphery and not show their personal stories.
See, and I like that. Give me more people to juggle, more stories to keep up with. Things like that make it so much more interesting to me. I want to know everything about everyone in a story. I actually kind of want to know more about the people Ani was photographing that day on the promenade when Gina showed up and Ani told her she needed space and took a picture or the two of them. Were they for a magazine shoot, or a private thing that they hired Ani to do? To me that adds depth. My brain is good with the multi-focusing.

Response to another expression of desire for Venice to be like other web series.
I would still rather have Venice be marginally successful and remain true to the original vision than to cater to and conform to the way that 'everyone else' does it. To me it is a gem, a 'diamond in the rough' so to speak. It's different and unique and maybe it's a little beyond the conceptual scope of some viewers or draws them out of their traditional viewing comfort zone. I want them to make the changes that they saw and need to make to ensure that Venice more closely resembles the work that they envisioned, but I don't want them to make arbitrary changes just so that more people like it.I think the formatting for web style was one of the things that they mentioned they were going to be looking at, but I sure do not want them to take on anything else from other web series even if they are some of "the most successful web series" out there. I want Venice to be Venice, and not only with the character names and locations to make it different from the others.

I'm not saying, that my way is the only way. I'm just saying that I'm tired of people telling me that Venice "has to change" "needs to do this" or "should be that way" because it isn't any good. I'm tired of them dismissing my opinion because they think that I am "enamored with" or "blindly following" the Venice creative team.
I'm amazed that some people have such a mental block that they can't see that there are other ways for things to be good, not just what you get in spades from 'main stream' TV and web series. Productions went to the web for creative freedom, and trying to force a things, or rejecting that which does not into a mold (it's a new mold I'll give you, but a mold all the same) defeats the very spirit of web production.
And I'm sorry, but you can't hide behind "I only want Venice to succeed" to excuse the rudeness and definitely non-constructive criticism.

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