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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Days: Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Aw, Bo is concerned about leaving Carly and going out of town.

DA Woods was mugged?
Rafe stood up his sister. That's wrong dude.
Ha! E.J. may be in her living room, but Sami's wearing an FBI shirt to sleep in!

Stefano is making his move. Telling E.J. that he'll move out of the house and E.J.s life.
Yeah, that's gonna happen. Don't get too relaxed and even more cocky there E.J.

Carly told Bo that she is the last person he should be worrying about.
She told him that Vivian isn't a threat because Bo scared her enough to back off.

He told her, "Don't you get it? I think about you all the time. Mostly how much I love you." Aawwwwww!

Uh oh. Hope is calling Rafe in for questioning. I mean to "meet her down at the station."

Yeah, E.J. Stefano is backing down because he's sorry for tricking Will into letting him in the house. Sure.

Kate is worried about losing all of the redecorating that she did to the house. lmao // In fairness (for those not watching) she did mention concern for Will since he's coming to live with them. But that wasn't as funny, or cute or 'Kate-like'

Will just told Rafe that he left Sami's house.
And Rafe should have stayed to talk with him or at least let Will come with him and talk at the station.

Chad has to find out that his dad is in the hospital from Will. Sucks for you doesn't Chad?

Stefano (as he's playing with chess pieces): "Your 'end game' is coming Elvis. Ready or not."
Stefano is mixing his game playing phrases. :)

Ciara is sad to see her daddy go on vacation. // Hmmm. (Lauren is adorable, but Ciara is annoying.)
And why does Bo allow her to live in Victor's house with psycho Viv?!?

Kate shows up to back-up Will with Sami.

Ah, The Godfather meeting. // Aw, Carly brought Daniel new medical research information.
Daniel is worried about Bo leaving Carly unprotected too.
Yep, Chloe is not going to be happy.

Chad's mom didn't know DA Woods was in the hospital either.
Chad says Rafe didn't do it. Awesome. Do I have to start liking Chad now? I don't think I'm okay with that yet. lol

I'm really loving Kate! "You and your son need to talk. I'll be back..."

E.J. is either not listening or pretending not to listen to Stefano while he's looking at the paper work. Mistake E.J. mistake.

They want Carly to move in with Chloe and Daniel while Bo's out of town? Whaaa?1?1

Yep, that's how you get her to stop talking Bo. Kiss her! However you should listen to her, cause it's going to be very high tension with Chloe and Daniel.

The Godfather is playing chess. E.J. is paying attention now!

David Leisure really does play slimy well.
I'm wondering if Hope is going to risk her badge to help Rafe find the truth?
Rafe and Hope? Hmmmm?

Kate's worried for Will. You can tell.

Stefano and E.J. can play this game all day can't they?

Bo and Carly still kissing. Aawwww! Carly and Bo saying goodbye is so cute.

Bo: "Walk me to my car?"
Carly: "Don't you know by now? I'd follow you anywhere." :thud: dead now, they are soooooo adorable!

Stefano just confronted E.J. and he is like 4 shades of angry!

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