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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Days: Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Aaawww, Bo and Carly at the hospital. He's gonna take her out on a date? Sooooo sweet and cute they are! :)

Kate is cute with Theo.
I love that Will is not happy about E.J. and Sami hugging. I like Will.
What the ?!?! Stefano doesn't believe that E.J. enjoyed watching him suffer?
Love Will calling E.J. out on the using of Sami, but it's got to be weird for him to call Sami, "Mom". I still think that they look like siblings.
Uh, oh. Now Sami knows that Will let Nicole say goodbye to Sydney.
Kate is going to talk to Lexi about what her brother has done? Curious.
Anna is so freakin' nervous!
Okay, Sami and Will are fighting like they're a couple now? This is creepy and yet a very good scene. Until my feed stalled and skipped.
Even after Stefano heard the message, Anna is begging him to believe her.
I think he does now.
"Elvis has crossed the line, and he will pay for it." Cue foreboding music and Stefano cuts his eyes at Anna
Carly in a red dress! This is going to be a fun date!
I think it's the one from the DoOL promo photos back in September.

Will to Sami: "Are. You. Going. To. Let. Me. Finish."
Dude, Sami just told him he has the worst judgment on the planet.
I'm loving this scene!
Will......... Major props to you!
I just figured it out. Will looks kind of like a blonde Tom Welling.

Anna is acting a lot more confident now. Telling Stefano that he can't just act out of anger without thinking about the consequences and where Sydney and Giani will end up.

Hey, it looks like Bo and Carly are at the hotel bar in Santo Donimgo.
Oh, Carly, he did have to put you in that tight dress. It's Bo, come on.
Bo: "Next time. Fireplace. Hot cocoa. Rubbing feet."
When is next time?
I'm loving them talking about the last time they were together.

Holy .... Will just told Sami, that if she wasn't living in Marlena's house that she couldn't afford a cardboard box.
Dude, I love the fight, but that was over the line.

Brady: "This isn't going to a nice happy place."
Okay, Arianna is right. Especially since they almost got married. Brady should at least discuss things like loans to Nicole with her.

Anna is hugging the suitcase of case like it's a pillow and she's watching a horror movie!
I really like the way Arianna and Brady talked through and resolved the loan thing.
Aw, Will went to Kate! Love her getting to be a caring and supportive grandparental figure.
Stefano sent one of his men to follow Anna after telling her that he would "find her no matter what rock she hides under"
This is soooo not over.

And, there we go. Arianna is seriously thinking that they "shouldn't do this"
I think she means the eloping, but I'm sure Brady thinks she's means the wedding.
Kinsey is annoying, but Nicole's "Oh, yay. Go away." Was funny!

Bo and Carly being all snuggly and dancing.
Kimberly!?!? Is Patsy coming back!

Will looks a little creeped out by Kate's invitation to stay with her.

Oh, E.J. just failed Stefano's test. Now the revenge is on.

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