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Monday, April 5, 2010

Days: Monday, April 5, 2010

Ooooo. I forgot about Stefano strangling Anna on the massage table. Heehehe.
Daniel is putting on his 'street clothes' to leave the hospital and Carly walks in. She thinks he's leaving against doctor's orders. Chloe is on the phone at Java and says that he's being released.
Chloe runs into Nicole and they hug.
Mel is on the phone with Philip and Brady is at the door.
Rafe told Arianna the he and Sami are over.
I think they need to wait a few hours before telling other people that they're over since they change their minds so often.
I think it's funny that Nicole is being all avoid-y with Chloe.
E.J. and Sami having a heart to heart is kind of creepy.
I love the way Arianna dragged it out of Rafe and the way he said, "I saw Nicole."
Okay, raise your hand if you don't believe that Nicole is telling the truth that she doesn't see Sydney as hers.

Aw, Melanie says she's "starting to think [Carly] isn't so bad." Awww.
Daniel is so not ready to go home. I think he lied to Chloe about his release.

I really think that Molly is taking on some of Crystal's mannerisms whether by conscious choice, or just picking it up by working together.
That little look she gave to Brady at the end of that scene. So very old school Carly.
Mel just totally pegged Brady about Arianna's concerns over Nicole and about Nicole being back. They were having a very mature conversation until Brady decided he didn't want to talk anymore.
Did Chloe just ask for a flesh-eating-virus to possible use on Carly? Even if it was in jest, that's so not cool!
Anna just blamed Stefano for Sydney being kidnapped.
However she did say it was because of how Stefano treated his own son, so she also just spilled the beans regarding E.J. too.
That was a very impassioned speech Carly just gave to Daniel. Awwww.
Uh oh! Chloe just heard Daniel tell Carly, "I could never hate you. " ::sniff:: Otalia memory. (Olivia to Natalia, "No one could ever hate you.") Guh!
Nice one Abe. He let Benny go and then lost him.
Heeheehee. Anna said, "Sydney was lost to you long before we ever took her from Nicole."
Stefano sure jumped on that 'we'! Good times are coming!
Love Brady telling Nicole that she won't find, "Someone to wake up to in the morning." here. Yes! Just keep that up little guy, 'Just Say No'!
She said 'we' was some guy she hired to help her. She should have given up E.J.

Chloe: "Are you ready to go?"
Carly: "Tell her."
Now they're talking about needing to help Daniel and make sure he takes care of himself.
Oh, Chloe said, "We'll just need to make sure that Daniel puts himself first from now on." and Carly said, "Yes, please."
I think Chloe is going to take that as a free pass to shut Carly out.
Anna needs to give up E.J. to save herself.
Brady, just dismissed Nicole, but since Arianna called I'm guessing she's going to put up a fight.
Mel is feeling guilty about Daniel's fall and Chloe is using it to drive a wedge between her and Carly.
David Leisure is funny! He plays slimy well, but funny.
E.J. wants to start living life in the present, a present that includes Sami.
Dude, Nicole just answer the door to let Arianna in. And she was holding a drink.
Ha! I love Carly looking at Chloe, "What did you say to her?"
Chloe: "Melanie and I are going to take care of you." Grrrrr.
Sami is all uncomfortable with E.J. being nice.
Aaaaaaaaand Anna just gave Stefano E.J.

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