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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Days: Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Okay, seriously Hope and Justin are really getting on my nerves with the Carly bashing. They are acting like children. Seriously I think I've seen that scene at the Brady Pub played out in just about every 'teen' movie. I'm kind of expecting them to replace her coffee creamer with Milk of Magnesia.
Victor and Vivian are just fun to watch. He get so annoyed with her and she's completely loopy.
Dudes, E.J. is so not doting on Sydney like he used to. It's pretty clear that she has more value to him as a pawn to make Sami crazy than as his little girl.
I like that Maggie calls Mel on her attitude. Really though, there is no way that she's getting coffee stains out of the dress by rubbing the damp towel on it that way. Nope, not unless the dress is vinyl. :) Mel's bright pink shirt and plaid vest remind me so very much of similar outfit I had in the 80s!
I honestly don't get why people seem to go to E.J. when they're looking for a compassionate person. He's way too controlling to really be soothing.
Delivery man could have left of the, "so it could be rented to somebody else" part of that sentence.
Seriously? Love Victor and Vivian banter. They are so completely serious in their discussions of offing people and ruining lives.
Justin.... >:( "At least she had the decency to leave." Can I smack you? Please, can I? I'm not kidding, somebody really needs to send Justin like a box of sea urchins. It'll kind of be like Carly getting to 'take back' that she helped him when they first met. He deserves it right now.
If I were Sami I'd be a lot more irritated at E.J. being so calm.
Uh, I only saw the guy leave one box before he left. Hmm? Maybe he came back after his thoughtless little comment about the office space being rented.
Ha, the sound effects are off. The phone only rang once and they looked at it and Hope kept talking, then Hope was 'interrupted' by it and asked Justin if he was going to get it. Then it rang a second time. Heehee. I do not like the way Hope bolted out of there after Carly. Nope I do not like it indeed.
Okay, Crystal has a great scream! :) Aw, Vivian is going so crazy that she's getting headaches.
Carly is waaaaay to nice to everyone considering the way they treat her.
Yep, E.J.'s prints are on the ransom notes. Of course they are. He is so very frustrating.
Hehehehehe Lawrence! I very much did not like him the first time around, but now I know that he can't really manipulate Carly like he used to , so I'm much more okay with him now, and enjoy very much seeing Michael on screen.
No, Carly, don't turn back. Keep walking away. You don't owe Hope anything, just walk away.
Oh my goodness!!!!! Yes! I've been waiting for them to bring up how Carly took care of Shawn Douglas, and how she held a lot of respect for Hope's memory. Too bad the person she's talking too is too conceited to really hear what she's saying, and too judgmental to really see what she's done for the people Hope cares about.
I like Kristian and Crystal in scenes together. I just really wish that Hope had more substantial material. If she hadn't been so distrusting of and rude toward Carly right off, then sleeping with Bo would be a believable excuse, but it's like that didn't even change anything because she was already at code orange animosity level to begin with.
Gaaahhh! Hope was so on the right track. She held out the olive branch and thanked Carly for being there for Shawn D, but then she had to go and get in a little jab. I really did used to like Hope.
I really want to smack E.J. so very much.
See. I love that one line from Carly, "Second, Hope is the least of my worries." Like she's the little annoying dog yapping at Carly's ankles. She's annoying, but Carly has bigger things to worry about. Hope is just trying to pick a fight and Carly just come back at her with truths and doesn't even fight back with her whole heart. Hope is just so not worth it to her.
Heehee. I love Lawrence pleading with Vivian to get rid of Mel and not kill Carly. I can just see him as a kid pouting and convincing her to buy him a horse or a model plane or a car. :) Louise and Michael are great together.
Uh oh. You knew that Maggie's struggle with alcoholism was going to come into the story. It's very fitting and realistic that she was have to fight herself with the loss of Mickey.
Okay, here the sound editing is great. When the camera is on E.J. or Anna you can make out almost all of Sami and Rafe's argument, and it actually makes sense, it's not just random screaming of generic lines.
Major props to Suzanne Rogers and the way she handles these scenes. You can see the internal battle Maggie's having but it's not over the top, you can feel her wavering back and forth.
Oh, Bo. Don't lead Carly on. Yes you care about her, but I'm still thinking she's going to end up broken hearted.

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