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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Days: Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Uh oh, Carly's having a 'Happy Family' dream. :( See, ya just knew Vivian was gonna ruin it. Oh, Justin, you had better be nice!
Vivian is all kinds of crazy in the eyes now that she found out about Mel. Run Melanie, run!
Roman, seriously!?! You can keep Arianna out of prison, if you wanted to. Try a little bit harder man!
Sami, you better do a really good job of appologizing and groveling. You hurt Rafe so very very badly. :(
Brady better not be thinking that he can use Arianna to visit Nicole. >:(
Okay, I think Mel is starting to really see Crazy Vivian.
Justin is very annoying. Dude! Lay off Carly! He's so very 'high and mighty' isn't he. Ugh! Oh!!!! Awesome slap Carly! Way to go! He so had it coming.
Justin deserves all of the stuff that Carly's throwing back at him right now.
Arianna and the 'two girlfriends in prison' line. Her running to Rafe shows how much she doesn't feel safe with Brady right now.
Aw, poor Vivian. Now that you know Mel's her daughter, all of your plans have to be reconsidered. 
Whoa! Wait. What does Justin mean by saying that if he has feelings for Hope at least he hasn't acted on them? He may not have slept with her, but he's acted on them. 
Way for Carly to stand up for herself. She better not start believing what Justin is saying. He's a complete and utter jerk. >:(
Arianna's send-off party. :( This sucks! :( Yay! Woohoo! Okay, that was just mean.
Heehee, I wonder how Victor is going to feel about Melanie marrying Phillip now knowing that she would tie Carly to him. 
Ooo, Victor put a moritorium on Vivian's plan. :D

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