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Monday, January 25, 2010

Days: Monday, January 25, 2010

Hope with the sail boat. It would be sweet if she wasn't being so annoying right now. Face up to your own mistakes.
Aw, I love that Carly went to see Maggie. Maggie's a mess and needs a friend there.
Okay, Troy was way too obvious please tell me that Brady at least figured out why he was looking at E.J.
I kind of like Kate and Stefano's banter. I think they work together well.
Thank you Brady!!!!!
Mel, "Why are you being a butthead?" Ha!
Aw, Carly is trying to make good (for something that isn't even her fault by the way) and she just can't catch a break. :( Carly needs hugs.
E.J. is a condescending jerk.
Ha, Victor is getting tired of Vivian! Love it! :)
Ooooo E.J. is all shaken up and not keeping his environment in mind. I know Stefano heard him say, "Give Sidney a kiss for me."
I want to know why Hope and Justin think that it's their right to know what Carly's secret is. So annoying! Way to go Bo, don't let Hope forget that it wasn't Carly who ruined her marriage.
Vivian has a plan. This can't be good.
Um, Roman you can't let Arianna go back to prison. She's right. She has to fear for her life on the outside, but on the inside she'd be in danger too, with no one to protect her.
Hmm? Stefano is playing it as if he didn't hear E.J. Wonder if he really didn't or if he's just playing it cool while he works out a plan. This is a very deceptive and vengeful family.
Dude, Hope! I know you're hurt, but if you keep that up then Bo isn't going to want to come back to you after all this Vivian/Carly/Mel stuff is over.
Carly trying to patch things up with Mia is sweet, but not getting her anywhere.
Maggie in the dark kitchen is sad. :(
Ha, Kate's reaction to Vivian getting Mel's dress! How wierd that Kate might end up being Carly's ally in keeping vivian away from Mel.
Ha! Neither E.J. or Troy realize what happened in the police station, with Troy basically pointing the finger at E.J.
Aw, Carly can see Bo is sad.
Oh, no! Stefano found Sidney's medicine. E.J. is sooooo not being a responsible dad right now. :(
Stupid cops! Arianna is not safe in prison. Not at all!
Like the cozy of Bo and Hope on the couch.
Uh oh. Now Vivian has the goods on Mel.

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