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Friday, January 22, 2010

Venice: Episode 6 - Jan 22, 2010

I just finished watching the episode and am writing this after only one viewing. We'll see how it goes. :)
First I want to say, "Wow! Really pretty eyes!" The lighting was great and with no glare the close-up shots really showed off Galen's and Gina's eyes. Absolutely beautiful, both of them.
Okay, moving on. That looked to be a very nice little blind date. Sami is quite the catch, isn't she? Owen sure seemed impressed. I do think it's kind of funny though, when Gina asks him later how 'Birkenstock Girl' was, that he didn't mention the Peace Corps.
I can't believe Owen threw the beer can in the hedges! Dude, that's not right. :) Poor Gina, you could feel her nervousness about going in. I almost thought for a minute there that the bottle she had was for her own use, but no. She's trying so hard for The Colonel to accept something about her that she brings a gift to the family dinner. It's not like bringing a bottle of wine to share over dinner. I want to give Gina a hug all through the 'pleasantries' between The Colonel and Gina and Owen. She just looks so scared of what's coming, and she has a right to be it turns out. Kudos to her for standing up to him, and for jumping in to defend her brother.
I'm curious about the lipstick tube that The Colonel put in his pocket. (even if it was back sitting on top of the sideboard when he turned around with the drinks) Is it his late wife's and he's keeping it close to him because, like Guya said, they were doing the family thing because Katie would want it, so he's using it to keep him focused, calm, intent on trying to be accepting? If so it didn't work. (But it wasn't actually in his pocket, so maybe it would have had it been with him)
When Owen turned around and double flipped off the front of the house as they were leaving, the Grim Reaper/Skeleton in the yard next door kind of looked like he was giving an eerie approval, and the cross/headstone yard decoration just made the yard feel as judgmental as the living room did. They did an excellent job of making that room feel small and oppressive when it needed to be and opening and welcoming when Owen and Gina first walked in. When they arrived the only tension/disapproval seemed to feel like it was coming from The Colonel (excellent job Jordan btw), but as the scene progressed it felt like it was coming from all sides. Great use of space and camera angles in this episode!

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