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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Days: Thursday, January 28, 2010

I really like Danial and Chloe being all cute and snuggly. Maybe it's because I was such a huge Mike and Rosanna fan, but yeah, much cuteness. :)
Rafe needs to not even stop and acknowledge E.J. Just keep walkin' Rafe!
Carly and Daniel talking, was a great scene! Carly saying, "Who said that? That's just obnoxious. I'm sorry." was just perfect and funny.
E.J. is annoying. That is all.
I loved the way Lindsay played Arianna's line "Can Rafe tell you? Please? Can he explain this? Would that be okay?"
Oh, Sammi! Sydney's ransom and Arianna's undercover work are soooooo not the same thing.
Okay, I really cannot figure out where Stephanie is going with this whole Mel/Nathan/Phillip thing. I don't trust her, so I can't feel that she's sincere, but she doesn't seem to be playing anything overtly manipulative either and changes her goal and shift gears often. Hmmm? She better not hurt Mel though or she'll have Carly to contend with! :)
Yay Maggie! Awesome for poring out the bottle! You're a strong strong woman!
Okay, Mel blowing bubbles in her drink was cute! It's just a reminder that she does need her mommy. :D I love Daniel for gently handling Mel and her engagment to Phillip and her rush to be hard on Carly.
Aw, Chloe and Carly scene with Carly breaking a bit thinking about having not been able to watch her little girl grow up. ::sniff::
Arianna needs to stay away from E.J. too!
Carly being all concerned for Mel and her hurt hand. So sweet!
Okay, I know Sammi is being distant but Rafe needs to stay. He needs to be there so that she knows she can count on him. Right now she's just too scared and she's pushing the one person she thinks will always be there. I know that Rafe is hurting too, but he at least needs to stay in the same house. He can sleep on the couch or something, but he needs to stay where Sammi can reach him when she realizes that she needs him. You can be angry with someone and feel hurt and betrayed by them, and still need them to hold and comfort you, especially in a situation like this.
Very nice scene on the bench with Carly and Mel. Great job from both actors. I loved the way you can see Carly's regret and frustration thinking that she's about to get another verbal pummeling when Mel says, "You know what I don't understand about you?" And then Mel's need and hope for something that she can't even name yet when she says, "Please stop lying to me. Please just tell my why I mean so much to you." I think Mel is so very confused because she feels and wants the feelings of maternal caring that she's getting from Carly, but she doesn't trust anyone and can't figure out why she wants to let her in.
And I really hope Arianna starts asking questions about Anna!

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