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Friday, January 29, 2010

Venice: Episode 7 - Jan 29, 2010

Lots to address in this episode and it goes by fast, sooooooo.
Gina is off balance because she finally stood up to and defended herself against her father. (Many people were nonplussed with the argument scene at the brunch. I tried to explain how it made perfect sense, hopefully now that more background info is out there people are taking a second look at the brunch scene and can see how it was crafted and fit to the characters.) Anyway, Gina is shaken from the experience, not just from having to deal with her father, but from having done something that she's never done before. Now, what? How does that change her relationship with her father, or does it? As long as she was still trying to make him happy (as she says later in this scene) then she at least knew where she stood. She was at least on solid ground, even if that ground was hostile territory. Now, she's got a new dynamic, a new view of what she's capable of, and a new concern for how her father might now relate to her. Will he cut her out completely? She's got all of this going on in her head, and she can't talk to Owen, because he's too involved. So she calls Ani because she's always been the one she talks to about it. But she's not even sure that she can call Ani because she's not on solid footing with that relationship either. When Ani gets to the beach Gina is lost and scared and looking for someone to guide her and sooth her.
Ani's reaction of, "Oh, Jesus Christ" when she learns that Gina told her father off, tells us how big of a deal that was for Gina. Jessica's delivery fills those three words with all of the shock, concern and anger that the situation warrants. Shock that Gina took such a huge step, concern for how she's handling everything that goes with that, and anger at The Colonel for whatever he had to have done to get Gina to that point. Which leads to her next line asking what happened. You can tell that her instinct is to scoot closer and wrap Gina up in a hug, but that she can't let herself get that close and open emotionally, and she doesn't want to take more than Gina is willing to give. You can hear in the way Crystal says Gina's line, "...came bursting out." that Gina just wants to be held and told that it'll be okay. When that doesn't happen there is a slight bit of resignation in her voice as she continues giving Ani Cliff's Notes of what happened.
The way she says, "He didn't deny it." It's almost like she's telling Ani, 'See how bad he makes me feel?' It seems that Ani picks up on that in that her reply is basically, 'If he's hurting you then stop going to him.' It's easy advice to give, harder to practice when that person is someone that you've spent your entire life trying to get to approve of or notice you. It's hard when that person is family. It's even harder when that person is both.
Ani's concern and love is abundantly clear when she gives Gina the reasons that The Colonel isn't a healthy person to have in her life. Gina knows that she has to work through everything, but it's hard to take the long way. Ani still instinctively want to comfort Gina, this time telling Gina what she herself needs, and that she knows that she can't have it. Gina's 'Well, you can still hold me' just about killed me just like it did Ani.

Um, who was Michelle's last date who tried to kill her? That's a little scary. :)

Ani is right to request space and to not be on a tether for Gina to reel back in whenever she feels like it. You can tell that she doesn't want to do it, but that she knows it's the right thing for both of them. If they keep up like they are then Ani will end up resenting Gina for not committing and not letting her move on, and if Gina were to give in and say, 'Okay, you're right, move in.' when she wasn't ready then she'd end up resenting Ani. It's a tough situation since they both really do love each other so much. The picture and goodbye kiss were sweet and sad. Perfectly Ani thing to do.

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