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Friday, January 29, 2010

Days: Friday, January 29, 2010

Okay, I'm very disappointed that Rafe walked out that door. :( I know it's hard for him and for Sami, but he'll regret having left more than he ever would have resented staying.
Victor! No! Vivian in the Peace Corps is sooooooo not a good idea. Don't even joke about such a thing!
Aw, Carly is so nervous talking to Melanie.
Um, please tell me Arianna is working E.J. and doesn't really trust him because someone has GOT to take him down a few notches. Please!
Mel is not good with the polite, but at least she's really giving Carly a chance to talk to her. Carly really needs that.
Rafe and Sami this is a bad idea. You two need to deal with this together and be there for each other.
Roman! You need to try harder. You know good and well that Arianna could be in danger. Brady has a right to be upset.
Aaaannnnnd now that she asked E.J. who Anna is, Arianna is in even more danger.
Um, E.J. Arianna said that the phone rang and she thought it was hers back when you jumped down her throat when you first walked in the room. So, no, she wasn't trying to make a call. Good insight right there Arianna, don't let go of that feeling. Keep digging, you'll figure it out. Go and tel Brady and Rafe everything that just happened. Yep. This you should do.
Mel is such a little hurt child still. I think it's great that she's letting Carly see this part of her.
I think these two work really well off of each other, at least on my screen it looks like they do.
Cottonelle "Roll Poll" commercials on NBC.com are kind of annoying. Over or Under should not be a huge debate. If you have pets or small children who like to unroll the entire thing, then 'under' is the way to go, if you don't then 'over' is best, or if you're like me, then how ever it ends up is how stays. Public restrooms should always be 'Over'. 'Kay, are we done with the commercials now? It, like many things is not an either/or issue.
Aw, Mel thinks that Carly's daughter is dead. :(
Arianna, sweetie, just walk away from E.J. now. Door, in front of you to the left, just angle your body 45 degrees and walk forward. Don't come back. Ever.
Okay, I don't care if you are related, you don't just walk into Sami's apartment when she's blocking the doorway and obviously doesn't want you there. >:(
Dudes! Carly and Mel are going to make me cry. ::sniff:: Mel's line about Carly being all alone in the world was just about heartbreaking. And I've very glad that Carly was clear about not being back in Salem because Bo is there. She was calm and assertive, but not defensive. It was a good conversation.
Brady, dude, you're going to get through to Arianna a lot better if you don't try to handle her.
Okay, LOVED the way Carly let out the breath she'd been holding when Mel said that she didn't really like Vivian. And the little, but very meaningful step of wanting Carly to be the doctor at the hospital when she gets her hand x-rayed.

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