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Monday, February 1, 2010

Days: Monday, February 1, 2010

Aw, Carly is so excited when she goes to see Bo. It's very cute, but sad that it's short lived.
Hmmm, I like that someone's on to Vivian, but I kind of wish it weren't Hope.
Okay, the dialogue leading up to making out on the couch was not really "make out" inducing. We could have used a second take on that one.
Also, way to use Ciara as a prop in having her see Bo and Carly. :-/
Melanie is so far gone and still into Nathan. She knows that she can't get too close because she'll give in, and she wants so desperately to make it work with Phillip, because she is her mother's daughter in so many ways.
New Will. Hollywood Will. Hmmm.
Uh, Hope? Um... I'm not sure it's right for you to call the estranged wife of the guy you were kissing on New Years Eve to ask if she and said guy are "really over." Oh! Wait! That is totally the right thing to do....... in highschool!
Hehe. Nathan wants to go skiing in Pine Valley. I thought that the PVU commons looked like a ski lodge when Maggie and Bianca were there! :)
Oh, Carly. Playing reassuring mom and dispenser of wisdom and advice. I like that Mel figured it out and still didn't shut out Carly completely.
Oh, yay! Mel invited Carly to her wedding! :) Sweet!
Okay, again with the child prop. Ciara's line, "Did you find what I need?" when Bo picks up the picture with Hope in it is ... yeah. Yes, sweetie, I found want you need. I get it, you need your mommy. I didn't see it until JUST now. I'm so glad you needed that red marker.
Okay, sorry for that slip into the bad moody snark. I apparently have an aversion to certain aspects of certain storylines. :D

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