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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Venice: Episode 5

This is my response to some postings on the BPD regarding certain elements of Episode 5 of 'Venice' which aired January 15, 2010.
The subjects are the kiss between Gina and Tracy being/seeming hesitant, and whether Venice as a webseries is providing content that we can't get on network television. This isn't a complete review/analysis of the episode, just a reply to the points mentioned above. I felt that there was enough analysis here to warrant posting to the blog. :)

I think the kiss between Gina and Tracy on the beach was exactly what it was supposed to be.
It wasn't supposed to be tied to the make out session they'd had before. That was purely physical and Gina was totally in her element there. This beach date had her in a whole new place. Tracy basically pulled the rug out from under her by asking for romance and for Gina to win her over.
Tracy said (back in ep 4), that she had decided "...that you were going to want me more than I wanted you."
When Gina brought up things about Tracy that she learned and remembered from their first meeting she was totally opening herself up. She was telling Tracy, that she already wanted her and that Tracy was winning. I also don't think that Tracy was ready for Gina to pull out such meaningful stops in the romance department. I think she was expecting Gina to be trying too hard for the big and flashy and was caught off guard by the simple and sweet.
I think that's why they weren't mauling each other on the beach or even using tongues. They may have gone out and made out with each other before, but this was in a way their first time meeting each other, getting to know each other.
Also I don't think that 'things we can't see on network tv' is really about graphic or physical display at all, I think it's more about telling a story that's true to the story and not having to answer to suits and marketing degrees. I think it was always referring to the honest open and uncensored telling of the story without ANYbody getting up in arms one way or another about it being a gay woman who's story is being told.

To learn more about 'Venice' please visit http://www.venicetheseries.com/ you can view the first episode for free. A subscription is required to view the remaining episodes and is $9.99 for the complete season including behind the scenes clips.


  1. Thank you so much for writing what I've been thinking!! Critique is important, but I also think we need to enjoy the ride and not pin our every hope and expectation on them. Thanks again!

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