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Friday, February 26, 2010

Days: Friday, February 26, 2010

Wait, I didn't even think about the 'ick' factor if Bo had been Mel's father. Um, yeah. Daniel was a good choice. :)
Vivian is crazy. That's your public service announcement for today. Carry on.
Sami looks waaaaaaaaaaay too young to be Wills mother.
Um, E.J. uh...? The pier is not where Sydney disappeared. She disappeared from your living room and then from the bus station. Just sayin'.
Daniel is not taking this well. But I can kind of see his side too.
Aw, Mel. "Just do it." I knew she was tired of fighting. Hopefully Philip is there now and can stop Vivian, unless Vivian for some reason stops herself.
Holy cow! Melanie made Vivian cry and doubt herself. Are we going to see a change in Vivian? Hmm, I'll wait until I see it. :D
Okay, so Melanie needs some time off of pain meds to figure everything out and sit with it a bit. Vivian has lost all of her footing and has no idea what she's doing anymore. Mel completely threw her.
Ha, Gus.... :) He's kind of cute when he's not fawning over Vivian.
Aw, Carly is all with the crying. I think Daniel will forgive her, but he's going to need some time.
E.J. needs to stop being arrogant and listen to Stefano.
For them being twins, they sure don't let Allie and Giani be near each other that much.
I'm glad that Bo is there to comfort Carly.
Aw, Daniel has gone to see Melanie. Sweet.
Oh, yay, another ransom note. Yeah. That is annoying. Can someone just lock up E.J.? Then Anna would give Sydney back to Sami.

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