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Friday, March 12, 2010

Days: Friday, March 12, 2010

Rafe is going to alienate Sami if he's not careful.

Carly!!!!! Vivian is evil. Carry on. :)

E.J. is smarmy. He needs to stay away from Arianna. Grrrrrrr. >:(

Sami just bolted back into the room when she heard what was going on.

Eeewwwww! Victor! No, that's gross! Daniel sleeping with Melanie..... ::shudder::

I don't think I'm okay with Chloe being nice to Nicole. I'm not sure what Nicole has going on in her head.

Ah, so pretty cop is named 'Agent Clark' I must have missed that before. She's a bit snarky. I think she's good for Rafe.

No, Arianna the conversation has always been a little creepy, it wasn't a suddenly thing. E.J. being nice is by default creepy. Don't go work for him. He's plotting revenge I just know it.

Carly needs to just walk away every time she so much as smells Vivian's perfume in the air.

So Vivian will be all zen with Carly if she goes to prison? I seriously doubt it. Don't believe her Carly!

I love that Sami is being aware of Rafe and his feelings and how much she hurt him.

Ask her already Brady! I want Arianna and Brady to be happy!

Oh, Chloe please DO NOT take advice from Nicole. Please. I beg of you!

Woo! Agent Clark has got some info.

Yeah, Nicole stay away from Brady.

Aw, Arianna. She's regretting saying, 'No.'

Victor is a cherry? Weird analogy Carly. Haha! "I slept with everybody except for you. Even though we were married." Hehehehe. That so totally made my day.

I hope that Daniel is worried about Carly going to prison.

Carly's hearing is 'today'. I knew that Vivian would get her to feel bad and think that she's protecting Melanie.

Aw, yay! Arianna and Brady! Woo! So cute!

Rafe and Agent Clark are at Anna's cabin. I hope they find the picture of Tony on the desk. :)

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