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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Days: Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's a new day in Salem. Daniel is checking on Melanie, so I'm guessing that Nathan never made it into her room.

Sami is playing with Sydney and looks tired. I think she's missing Rafe.
Whoa! Good call. :D

Pretty cop is back. And they're narrowing in on the cell records.

Nicole is all evil in prison? What's going on. I suspect all is not what it seems.

Arianna and Brady! Sorry, soooooo cute!

Okay, Nicole is ..... ummm...... yeah. Still waiting to find out what's going on.

Aw, Daniel is so sweet.

I knew that Brady would go to Chloe. He's going to ask her to tell Nicole what's happening isn't he?

"Minute to Win it" commercial... Yeah, that's the kind of quality programming I want to see on my TV. Let's do away with more scripted comedies and dramas to make room for more insipid games shows and reality TV. (Rant over, it's safe to come out now.) :)

I knew Daniel would figure it out! He can help Maggie.

Heehee. Melanie shrieked at Arianna for turning down Brady's proposal.

Yep Rafe. Very personal.
Really!?! Anna had to toss 'the boot' out of her soft side suitcase to make room for other things. There are obvious plot points and then there are just annoying patronizing ones.

Okay, so maybe Daniel hasn't figured it out, but at least he knows that something is wrong.

Heehee, "I'm warning you, he is cranky this morning." ... "No I'm not." ... "Yeah you are." That was fun!

Um, does making sure that 'nothing' is left behind include the picture of Tony on the desk? 'Cause it's still there.

Okay, Daniel does indeed have it figured out!

Rafe is on to something. Don't let Arianna talk you out of it dude.

Sometimes Sydney looks wise beyond her year (and a half). :D

I like that Melanie and Daniel are trying to forge this newly defined definition of their relationship. I can't believe she's worried about dropping out of her nursing training. Carly already told her she could come back.

I think I just saw Nicole snap by the look in her eyes.

Anna needs to just stop giving E.J. ideas.

Purina commercial with cats! The cats are doing everything that their humans are doing. I love the last one, 'Waking up early' and the little kitty's reply, 'whatever'

Aw, Maggie and Melanie. ::sniff:: so sweet.

Ha! Brady's going to ask again. Hehe.

Nicole doesn't remember? Yeah right. I just can't grasp where this part of the story is going. I'm just along for the ride. :D

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