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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Days: Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Okay, I have lots of catching up to do. These next few should be short.
Arianna said, "No." Hmmm?
Maggie, poor Maggie.
Hehehehe. I love Melanie calling out Stephanie on not delivering the letter.
Creepy things, Rafe. Creepy things are going on. E.J. said he wants to spend the night with Sami. Make him go away!
Yeah E.J. sure. :-/ Don't let him do it Sami!
Aw, Brady is cute when he's flustered. Arianna is sweet when she's confused and caught-off guard.
Okay, as much as I hate the idea of E.J. being in the same zip code as Sami, I do very much appreciate her talking to Rafe and having a mature conversation.
I admit that Stephanie is right in what she's saying to Melanie, but I still don't trust her.
Rafe is grilling E.J. on record. Awesome!
Hm, Stephanie just threatened Melanie. Interesting. This could play in the future. Maybe Mama Carly needs to come to her defense. :) What? It would be good fun! :)
Yeah, why is that E.J.? Why do you think that the kidnappers won't go after another family? Hmmm?
Sydney is wearing polka-dotted footy jammies!!!! :) (Yes, I have a baby obsession. I have since I was 2 years old.)
I don't think I'm down with Lexi pushing E.J. toward Sami. Nope. I do not think so at all.
Arianna's explanation for saying, "No" rocks! And yes, Brady, yes you should make future offers.
With Melanie in a hospital bed and Stephanie sitting in a chair, this is the calmest cat-fight I think I've ever seen. :)
Ha! The lighting in the wide shot of Sami's apartment is a lot darker than the close-ups.
Nathan is SO going to walk in on Stephanie and Melanie having their little discussion.!
Oh, no! It's Nathan on the phone isn't it?
The cop that's helping Rafe is really pretty and looks very familiar. I wonder where I've seen her before.
Oh, Will sweetie. I don't think Mia understands the word 'exclusive'.
Sorry, major props to Suzanne Rogers for the fainting and crawling on the floor and other physical stuff they're having her do. You are one awesome lady!
Nope, it was Philip. Okay. But Nathan's on his way right? :)
Aw, Sami fell asleep with Sydney on her shoulder. Aaawwwww!

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