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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Days: Tuesday, March 9, 2010

So, Gabby's working at the pub. Now Mia will always know where to find her to harass her.
Hm, what does Stefano suspect of Kate regarding Melanie?
Yes Rafe, Sami lied to you. Again. Surprised?
Brady took Arianna Ice Fishing? Ha! Awesome! Very cute. Are they staying in the same room that Nathan and Stephanie stayed in?
Mel is so enjoying this quiet time with Nathan. It's kind of sweet. :)
Stefano called it, "Chloe's near death experience." Heehee. Oh no! Stefano doesn't know that Sydney is alive and back?!? This should be good!
It's a little creepy that the face of the painting of Stefano is right over E.J.'s shoulder.
Ha! That was quick! Arianna and Brady=clothes on the floor in 0.3 seconds! Nice vacation!
Okay, bored with Stephanie's double talking and guilt/not guilt.
Nathan is trying to be supportive. That's nice.
I wonder if Sydney has started feeling like an exhibit in a petting zoo? She stays in her play-pen all day with people staring down at her. It's a little weird. :)
Um, I think that Stefano may have seen the look on E.J.'s face. I'm glad that Stefano knows that Sydney's back, now he can focus on finding out who is responsible. Hehehehehehe.
Hospital lounge... there is an entire coffee pot on the single cup warmer on the sideboard. Hehe. Cute.
Ah, maybe Stefano missed the look. No! No waiting E.J. Let Sami take Sydney to the hospital now.
Brady, sweetie. I'm sure by the looks of the room, that you can get room service and not have to leave Arianna there while you search for food.
Uh oh! The letter is out. :D
Aaawww, Okay, Brady, you're forgiven. You can leave the room for proposal preparations.
Kate's a little leery. I'm looking forward to seeing what she comes up with.
Ha, could the steward look anymore bored? He's probably seen this hundreds of times.
Oh, Melanie is NOT going to be happy the next time she sees Stephanie. Sparks will fly! :)
I'm glad that Rafe has an agent in with Sydney while she's getting checked out.
Ah, Melanie gets it now. Stephanie is in trouble, and even more when Nathan finds out.
Sami you've really got to give Rafe more than a couple of hours to forgive you for lying about the ransom note.
Ha! Dream sequence Arianna choked on the ring. Brady's little freak out is funny. I hope he doesn't take too long getting back to the room.
Nope, there he is. :D
Aw, Brady, that's a sweet proposal! Hm, was not expecting that reply from Arianna.
Ha! Melanie rocks!
See Sami, your detective skills still work. Use the in finding out what happened to Sydney.
Ha! E.J. you better explain, she's about to explode! lol

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