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Monday, March 8, 2010

Days: Monday March 8, 2010

It's been awhile. I'm trying to play catch up.
Oh, yeah. E.J. brought Sydney to the Brady Pub. What's he up to?
Okay, question... Has anyone wondered about how the kidnappers who allegedly took Sydney for ransom money, have bee able to afford to but her in such nice clothes? I'm almost positive that she's not wearing the same size that she was when she was first kidnapped.
Melanie isn't taking this whole new parent reveal thing very well is she? Poor girl.
I'm glad that at least Roman is also suspicious of E.J.
Wow, Carly is tired of being dumped on and she's fighting back. Finally!
Uh, Roman and Rafe need to push Sami to take Sydney in to get her checked out.
Nice talk between Melanie and Daniel. They're all sweet and teary. They needs hugs!
Uh, Sami, yeah, yeah you should have gone to the hospital first. Oh, nice with the 'Da-da' Sydney! Way to squeal on your pops there. :)
Aw, Melanie looks for resemblances and sees that in Daniel.
Chloe is NOT happy with Carly. Carly is done fighting back. It annoys me that no-one in Salem cares how much she's obviously hurting and how hard this decision was.
Aw, the phone call from Carly to Mel was sweet and sad. Carly's voice being all strained and cracking. "I know you need love. We all do." She needs hugs!
E.J. is just determined to to manipulate isn't he? He can't help himself.
Aw, I feel sorry for Chloe, at least right now.
I hope that Carly gets through to Mel. They'll be so cute in mommy daughter bonding scenes. But then they'll probably end up as adversaries forever. It's very cliche. We'll see what happens.
Ah, Rafe now knows about the latest ransom note. This is going to be ... well it will be something.

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