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Friday, March 5, 2010

Days: Friday, March 5, 2010

Daniel made Carly cry and doesn't even seem affected by it. Not cool Daniel. I know you're hurt, but dude come on.
Heehee. Sami is jumpy and Rafe scared her by touching her shoulder.
Sydney is getting so big. :)
Um, what E.J.?
I'm glad that Daniel has calmed down some in his talking with Carly.
Justin better be civil to Carly. Wait, he's taking her case. Hhmmmm?
Hope is bringing some interesting defenses here.
Rafe called Will, that's such the right thing to do.
I don't think that Melanie is supposed to be playing with the monitor on her finger. Ha! :D
Smart Carly, ask Justin what's in it for him. He's been so down on you that he has to have a motive to want to defend you now.
Gee Justin, I wonder why Carly is so cynical. :-/
Did Justin just say, "Lawyers never admit nothing." because um, that would mean that they do admit things. Okay, now I'm confused, was that a writing slip up or an ad-lib slip up, or was it done on purpose and I'm just not getting the joke?
I wasn't expecting Daniel to tell Melanie any time soon. I'm glad that that's out. No we wait for the fall out.
Okay, wait, E.J. just walked in with Sydney? I kind of think it's a good thing that I can't follow the crazy mind of E.J. I'm okay with that. :)

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