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Monday, March 1, 2010

Days: Monday, March 1, 2010

They should really just give Carly what ever information she's asking for. It will be much easier in the long run.
Have I mentioned how annoying that these ransom notes and the whole 'kidnapping' plot in general are getting. Oh, Rafe you and Sami are going to fall right into E.J.s twisted little plot. Okay, E.J. just took a swig from his flask. Is he really drinking or is he just pretending to make it look like he's having a hard time with Sydney's 'kidnapping'?
Awesome! Sami's reply of, "The hell you will." to E.J. saying to let him take control was total win.
Oh, Maggie and Carly are having a battle of the mothers. They are both being protective and they both love Melanie so much. I think Maggie's actually a little bit jealous too though. Does Maggie not know that Melanie would have been killed as a child if Carly hadn't let her go? I'm liking this scene. Suzanne and Crystal seem to play amazingly well off of each other. I want more of these little gems! :)
Aw, Daniel is smitten with his new found little girl. Sweet. I'm still very worried about how Chloe is going to feel. I mean she wants so very badly to have children with Daniel. Especially after the recent hysterical pregnancy scare when she's feeling so fragile and unworthy, knowing that Carly has given him a child will crush Chloe. But if she is resentful, then we'll get some really good scenes of it. :)
Sami's on the right track wanting to tell Rafe about the new 'ransom note.' I just hope that E.J. doesn't talk her out of it.
Carly is going to let Melanie's paternity slip if she's not careful. I wonder what's wrong with Maggie. I really hope that she's not drinking again.
I think Daniel wants to tell Melanie that he's her father. I wonder when he'll do it.
Rafe has E.J. pegged. I can't believe Arianna is so blind to E.J. I mean come on, Troy yelling, "She's a Narc!" and Arianna just let E.J. brush it aside. And Rafe needs to be extra strong since he's getting the, 'Oh, no E.J. is just in mourning, he's not a bad guy.' from every angle. He must feel very alone with all of that doubt and calls of paranoia being tossed at him.
Aw, Melanie is being the cute little 'baby girl' with Daniel too. She's so sweet and vulnerable when she lets her walls down and talks about wanting a family.
E.J. must die.... That is all.
Okay, seriously cute scene. Even if Daniel isn't going to tell Melanie yet, it's a very cute scene. I kind of expect him to have a storybook and read her to sleep. :)
Carly and Daniel are not doing okay. I really hope that Bo steps up to be there for her, because she's going to need the comfort.
I'm not sure what's going on with Arianna. But that little tear when Mel talks about being shot on your wedding day by your mother has me intrigued.
Wow, we need more scenes with Arianna and Mel. They are great friends and I really like Lindsey here. She's good anywhere, but she really knocked this scene out.
I can't stand E.J. talking for Sami in response to Rafe's questions. It's condescending and comes off as a little chauvinistic.
Really, what's wrong with Maggie? Okay. I'm guessing her Myasthenia Gravis symptoms are showing up again. Is that what they're hinting at? (Sidenote: Wow! I think Crystal needs a hug. I can't imagine the emotions and memories this must bring up.)
Daniel, buddy. Um, Lawrence probably wouldn't have been a match for you, you would have been a bug he squashed without a second thought. I'm with Carly on this one. Carly needs a hug. A big one and someone to please tell her that she made the right decision, the only one that she could, all those years ago.
Could someone please push E.J. into the river? Please!?! :)

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