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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Days: Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I'm worried about the coffee pot that Arianna is still holding. I can only see it dropping to the floor and breaking into millions of pieces if Brady keeps kissing her like that. :D
Sami was right. Rafe sees through her completely. She needs to just tell him about the new 'ransom note'.
Sydney!!!! She's so cute!
Don't let it go Rafe. Keep pushing, she's got to break down eventually.
Ah, good. she set the coffee pot down at some point.
Tell him Sami. It will be much easier to just tell Rafe now than to fight and keep it from him because he's going to find out eventually.
Brady, just let Nicole go. You're going to lose Arianna.
Sami should tell E.J. that Rafe is gone and have him hide out nearby so that he finds out what's going on but she doesn't actually have to tell him.
Ha! I think Rafe just gave Sami and out. I'm guessing he's going to wait and then follow her. He's protecting her without being obvious. That's what I'm thinking and hoping at least.
Brady really needed to hear that, good job Arianna. I hope that he takes it and applies it like he's done with other talks that they've had regarding Nicole. He's made a lot of progress, but he is still very attached.
This is a very cleansing kind of argument that Arianna and Brady are having. I hope so very much that they make it through okay.
Okay, so Rafe didn't follow her even if he should have. He needs to not back down.

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