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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Days: Wednesday, March 3, 2010

People in Salem need to stop having private conversations (and one sided phone conversations) in public places. They're just asking to be caught.
Daniel needs to tell Melanie that he's her father. She would be more upset with Carly than with him. Heeehee. Melanie said, "Without you I wouldn't be here." More than you know Mel.
Aw, Sami. Way to lie. Good though since E.J. is spying on you.
Way to go Philip, give Chloe another reason to not like Carly. This isn't going to end well, but it's going to make for some great scenes with Nadia and Crystal.
Ha, Mel can see Daniel's change in character regarding Carly. I really hope that she and he can get past this and have a good relationship with Carly in the end.
Oooooo. Chloe and Carly scene. This is going to be good. :D Oh, Chloe you don't know everything, but now that Carly thinks you do then you will. Hehehehehe.
Can Sami or Rafe please shut the laptop. I don't like voyeur E.J.
Oh, Chloe just realized that she and Carly aren't talking about the same thing. (Shallow sidenote: The blue in her shirt really makes Nadia's eyes pop more than they normally do.) And, there is the shock on her face. I think it might just be best for Carly to hold a press conference and just detail the last like 30 years of her life. Get everything out in the open because she's causing herself more trouble than should have to deal with. She needs to clean the air and be done with the secrets. It will be good for her. :D
Yay, Rafe! Don't believe everything that Sami says regarding E.J. Too bad he got a phone call before he could find the info.
See, everything is coming down on Carly right now.
Aw, I like Philip's assessment of Melanie and her parentage. It's so sweet.
Chloe is killing me with the fighting the tears. I can't believe that Daniel just threatened Carly, but I love the glare she gave him. I knew that Chloe would be hurt by Daniel having a child with Carly.
Ha, the nurse is from Springfield. :) I love Mel's, "He's not 'Sir' he's Philip." The nurse is a little creepy though. I do not trust her.
When Chloe said, "You're a father now." you could almost see that she wanted to say, "and I'm not a mother. It was supposed to happen for us, together." She's fighting breaking down. Chloe needs a hug!
Carly just can't stop trying to help people can she? It's part of what makes her so sweet, she tries to help or protect everyone and it looks like it hurts her when she can't.

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